How To Make Money Off Youtube Without Creating A Video

How To Make Money Off Youtube

A lot of people have asked if you can you really make money off Youtube? And the simple answer is Yes. In fact you can do it without even owning your own video.

There are multiple ways you can achieve this, but for this post I will show you a way to do this without you even creating a single video.

One of the quickiest ways to do this is to find videos that don’t have a link in the description field. There is literally a never ending supply of these video’s going up each everyday, you just have to be atuned to finding them.

A lot of people who put up these video’s have no clue what the value of their traffic is worth, and you could provide a deal that might be mutually beneficial.

Send a message to the owner’s of these video’s and ask if you can place your link in the description field. You can offer to pay them for the spot. Just negotiate a fee that you can afford. Ideally you will start by renting the position for a month to see what conversions are like. If you make a profit, then you might be able to negotiate a better long term fee.

Use a redirect link so that you can rotate offers to see which offer converts the best. Then rinse and repeat.

For some of these people, they wouldn’t have even thought that they could make any money from putting up video’s so this would be great for them, even if it is a small amount to begin with.

Pay them upfront using paypal as this can make a difference to them when they actually see the money in their paypal account.

An alternative way to do this is to negotiate a deal with the video owner to give them a share of the profits you make by placing your link in the description. This way you don’t risk any money upfront if the traffic doesn’t convert. This could potentially be profitable for both of you.