Snipe Your Way To PPC Profits.

Learning how to put an ad campaign together is the easy part of PPC marketing, what a lot of people don’t understand is the strategy behind PPC marketing or what I like to call the ‘PPC Sniper Method’.

This is what the ‘Big Boys’ do.

They gather as many keywords as possible that are closed related to the website that they are promoting. They then group these keywords and put together appropriate landing pages. Once they have completed this they turn on their Adwords campaign and let it run and track everything.

They find out what keywords are converting for them and what keywords aren’t, then it is a simple process of keeping the ones that are converting for them and getting rid of the ones that aren’t.

They tweak their landing pages and ads to see if they can get a better conversion rate.

In the process they spend a lot of money, which could be in the thousands and even tens of thousands, however once they have found their converting keywords they are ‘golden’.

Once this process is complete then their campaign should be making money. After they cover initial costs everything after that is profit.

 This is what The ‘PPC Sniper’ Does

They gather as many keywords as they can, just like the ‘Big Boys’. However, they don’t spend any money yet. They track the Adwords campaigns of their competitors,  especially if they have been advertising for a while in Adwords.

Using software they find out what keywords are converting for their competitors and what ads and landing pages their competitors are using and then they just copy them making slight adjustments to make ads and landing pages unique.

The idea here is that they use the research of their competitors to find only the profitable keywords.

So essentially they are advertising where they competitor is advertising without having to spend a whole lot of money figuring out what keywords are ‘money’ keywords.

Once they have tweaked their own campaigns and have got good ROI then they just reproduce this scenario on another product and so on and so on.

In fact your can use this method in any niche you want.

NB: Ensure you use good private proxies when performing your research.