A trip down south – Hokitika Gorge & Ross

Recently we took a family trip down south and stayed in Hokitika, New Zealand.

I forget sometimes how beautiful a country we live in, but every now and again we are reminded when school holidays come around which makes us think about where we should spend the holidays with the kids.

So this time we went to Hokitika the home of the green stone.

One thing that you need to be aware of when coming to Hokitika or anywhere in the West Coast this time of year is the rain. BUT don’t let this put you off, because Hokitika has some amazing sights to see and experience and most of them are FREE.

You can collect some really cool looking stones on the beach as well. You can even pick up green stone on the beach.


He’s a great business idea.

Selling ROCKS!

It’s a beautiful thing when you find a shop selling rocks that you can pick up off of the beach.

So what’s stopping you from making money?

This reminds me of the water business – I mean who thought you could make a business out of selling bottled water.


Something else that was plentiful on the beach was driftwood.

So as I contemplated the rock business I thought it would be awesome to sell driftwood – guess what.


Hokitika is such a cool town. It has the feeling of a place that time forgot. Very nostalgic reminds me of New Zealand in the 80’s. Love it.

Lots of friendly people too.

Oh and if your are going to Hokitika from Christchurch stop off in Sheffield for a pie.

Here’s a quick 4:30 minutes of our adventures in Hokitika.